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Relaxation at the foothills of the Beskydy mountains

Our ancestors must have been aware of it without having ever read about it. They moved where the shape and form of the landscape corresponded best with the landscape inside their minds. The hearts of the never yielding and ever rebelling outlaws preferred to place their hide-ins in the hardly accessible tops of the mountains. The thick-forested Moravian-Silesian Beskydy housed the brave Moravian Wallachians, shepherds, who farmed their dairy huts high up in the mountains in their own liberal way. However, they paid a high price for their freedom – they were forced to live lives full of hardships and danger.

In contrast, the slightly rising and round form of the Beskydy foothills has always had a soothing effect on people. The elegantly shaped hills standing alone, oftentimes with a majestic tree or a sanctuary on the very top, resemble a hemisphere – the rising Sun. The promise of another day, protection, and daily certainty. This is what the foothills of the Beskydy mountains look like. Like the Sun. Which sends joy to the “gloomy priests of the Radegast god as well as to his ministrants: the Lysá hora, Smrk, and Javorník mountains. And if the undulating foothills of Beskydy breaths with its peaceful life, be sure you too shall feel its curative rhythm and warmth in your own heart.

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