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Hotel Šipka

You are pleasantly invited in Stramberk. It is a Moravian town situated on the foothills of Beskydy Mountains. Straberk is also called "Moravian Bethlehem".
The town is well known for its history and culture, for its natural features. You can find many tourist and educational trails. Nevertheless the main attraction of the town is production of Stramberk’s Ears which are gathered together with this territory for a long time. 

If you will decide to visit our town then you will come to knowledge about its history, about ruins of local castle with the Truba tower. You will learn something about the Sipka cave. Yes, it is the same cave where was found a jawbone of Neanderthal child. You can visit the Museum of Zdenek Burian or the Museum of Novojicisko. And when will have a strong desire for sight to the local or far-away land then you must visit an outlook-tower on Bila Hora (White Hill).
With reference to visit these places, our Hotel Sipka is ready to offer you its services on a pictorial, little square surrounded by meadows and woods under the Truba tower.
Only 12 kms from our town is International airport Ostrava – Mosnov which is gate from our region to al the World.
A billeting accommodation is 21 beds (with a possibility of 9 additional beds) in single or double bedrooms and two apartments of our hotel. Rooms are equipped by bathrooms with toilet. In apartments are bath-tubs. Phones, TVs, mini bars and internet connections - that goes without saying. Parking for hotel guests is on a locked hotel-court.
A restaurant (45 places) is offering meals in a nice surrounding of tile stove. Beside of the restaurant you can use a little saloon (60 places) for your family celebrations, weddings, burial-feast, trainings, seminars or conferences. The little saloon has own audio and video equipment and connection to internet. In Summer time you can use a terrace (24 places) too.

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