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Jaroněk Gallery

Paintings by Bohumír Jaroněk (1866–1933) emanate his affection to the town, traditions as well as the landscape and its colours. He was let into the mysteries of pigments and colour mixtures by his father, a dyer from Zlín, as early as in his youth. “Art is supposed to be addressed to all,” Bohumír Jaroněk used to say. He compared the amazing local landscape to “orchestration of colours”, which fills every painter with humility.

The Jaroněk Gallery in Štramberk, hidden – but at the same time resplendent in a historic burgher house in the square, was opened in 2003. I.e. exactly one hundred years after Bohumír Jaroněk created his first draft of the later famed posters – graphic works – on the occasion of his exhibition presented in Štramberk in 1903. These featured the very first portrayal of the fascinating motif of Štramberk Trúba. They represent the “Blue Mauritius” of the present Štramberk exhibition.

At present you will find over 30 graphic works by Jaroněk, mainly originals, tempera drafts for tapestries or drawings intended for further graphical processing as well as selections of ceramics and chinaware produced in the ceramic kiln of Jaroněk brothers first based in Valašské Meziříčí and later moved to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.




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