Produkty Silniční vláčky Trubač Na prodej

Jaroňkova pekárna

Jaroňkova pekárna is located in a burgher house in the corner of the main square opposite to the Parish Church of St. John Nepomuk. The pension also features a stylish café and a patisserie as well as a spacious patio called the English Club. The patio is located in the rear section of the guest house and it can be used when the café is fully occupied. It is also suitable for smaller family or company parties.  

Jaroňkova pekárna

Your thoughts can be inspired not only by a visit to the Jaroněk Gallery (which is linked to the café by a hall) but also by freshly home-baked cookies and exquisite coffee…

Pension Jaroňkova pekárna

Stylish accommodation in luxurious apartments from which you can reach the cosy café, the Jaroněk Gallery and the Gothic wine cellar dry-footed even in rainy weather.

”Orchestration of Colours” in the Jaroněk Gallery

The Jaroněk Gallery, named after the famous Art Nouveau painter Bohumír Jaroněk, was opened in 2003. I.e. exactly one hundred years after Jaroněk created his first draft of the later famed posters – engravings – with the fascinating motif of the Trúba tower of Štramberk on the occasion of his exhibition presented in Štramberk in 1903. These represent the “Blue Mauritius” of the present Štramberk exhibition. Today, you can see over 30 graphic and other works by Jaroněk, incl. exhibits produced in the pottery run by the Jaroněk brothers.




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