Produkty Silniční vláčky Trubač Na prodej

Town Brewery in Štramberk

After 150 years the Town Brewery revived the local tradition of brewing beer in Štramberk at the location where beer used to be brewed and tapped centuries ago. Today we brew light unfiltered Pilsner type lager and dark unfiltered Flek type lager named Trubač.

During his beer exploration tour, Stan Sesser, a beer expert and reporter of the Wall Street Journal, labelled local dark beer as “the best dark beer of 2006 in Central Europe”. You can also taste some of our special beers with sour cherry or plum flavour. Local homemade cuisine is famous for its specialties prepared not only in beer. Hot pork scraps go without saying and that is only the beginning of the exquisite gourmet experience.

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